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Perfecting a skill takes time, dedication, and plenty of practice. Students are expected to practice daily in the following increments to progress as a musician:

Beginners (4th & 5th grade) - 10 minutes a day
Intermediate students - 20-30 minutes a day
Advanced students - 30-60 minutes a day

While daily practice may not be feasible for various reasons, encouraging each musician to shift their suggested practice time around throughout the week and weekend will ensure their hard work during class becomes a permanent part of their musical development.

Mrs. Lucey offers free private or small section music lessons for enrolled students are available before and after school from either teacher Monday-Friday. Currently, the after school schedule is as follows:

Monday: Percussion
Tuesday: Clarinet
Wednesday: French Horn & Flute
Thursday: Woodwinds

Before school times are available to all music students! Contact Mrs. Lucey ( for more information or to schedule a lesson.