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Beginner Band

All 4th and 5th graders will take weekly group lessons for their chosen instruments. Students are expected to practice 10 minutes each day and log their weekly practice minutes for a grade. Weekly lessons meet on the following schedule:

Monday: Clarinet
Tuesday: Brass
Wednesday: Flute
Thursday: 5th grade band (for second-year students)
Friday: Percussion

Missed Lesson Policy
The first missed lesson for the semester is forgiven. Every subsequent missed lesson will negatively impact the student's grade. Missed lessons can be made up in 15-minute increments before or after school with Mrs. Lucey.

Concert Policy
All second year 5th graders will participate in both the Winter and Spring concert. All 4th graders and first year 5th graders will participate in the Spring concert. Any student not in attendance for their prescribed concerts will receive a failing grade for the semester unless previous arrangements have been made between the parents/guardians and Mrs. Lucey.