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Scrip Fundraising

We have been approved for a very exciting fundraising opportunity that requires absolutely no extra money out-of-pocket! The Scrip program allows us to purchase gift cards at face value for stores we frequent such as Walmart and Amazon instantly while receiving a small rebate for each purchase to be applied directly into our music account. This fundraising program is a continual, year-round opportunity to raise funds without interfering with the efforts of other school activities, classes, and sports. Anyone can participate from anywhere in the world after they set up a personal Scrip account linked to our music program.

There are three types of gift card purchases: Physical cards, ScripNow, & Card reloads

Physical Gift Cards
These are the standard gift cards you might find at the grocery store kiosk or order from an individual company. They can be redeemed in person and online for merchandise. Physical gift cards can be ordered either through coordinator orders using cash or check, or in your own online orders using cash, check, or PrestoPay. If ordering physical gift cards from your online account, make sure to specify physical gift card during the selection process or you may inadvertently order a Scripnow Ecard. Once ordered, physical gift cards take 2-3 weeks for processing and delivery. You will be notified by Mrs. Lucey when your gift cards have arrived.

ScripNow Ecards
These gift cards are received in your "Wallet" on the ShopwithScrip website (you are notified via email when they are available) and can only be purchased through a personal online order after your family has opened a ShopwithScrip account using our school's activation code (listed below). Not all gift cards are offered with a ScripNow option. If utilizing the PrestoPay option, ScripNow will be available within minutes for your shopping convenience. ScripNow can be copied into gift card section of a website from which you are making a purchase, printed out instantly to use at a brick-and-mortar store, or viewed electronically on-the-go through (sign in using your Scrip information).

Physical Card Reloads
Many of the physical gift cards purchased through Scrip are eligible for online reload purchases. These cards can be reused and reloaded infinitely online through PrestoPay to instantly add funds to specific physical vendor cards. Not all physical cards can be reloaded; only reloadable cards purchased through the Scrip program are eligible for reloads through our program. Cards capable of this feature are marked as such online in the shopping section of ShopwithScrip.

There are two different methods for creating orders: Coordinator orders & Online orders

Coordinator Orders
Step 1: Register
- Fill out a New Family Sign Up sheet attached below and submit to Mrs. Lucey

Step 2: Create An Order
- Download or view the Categorized Family Order Form below. Select your gift cards and quantities for purchase. Add up the total amount due.

Step 3: Submit Your Order
- Send the order form with cash (exact change) or a check (made out to KCSD Memo: "student's name" Scrip) to Mrs. Lucey by Wednesday of each week you wish buy cards.

Note: Coordinator orders can only be used for physical gift cards and not ScripNow or card reloads. Once orders are submitted, a processing time of 2-3 weeks for orders to be shipped and filled is expected.

Online Orders
Step 1: Register
- Go to the  Shop With Scrip website and click on the ‘Register’ button at the top of the page. 

- Next, click ‘Join a Scrip Program.'
            You will need to enter our organization’s unique enrollment code: DEA7EB6A46754 

- Next, fill in all the required information and click ‘Register.’ You will be asked to select two challenge questions and provide answers, which will be required if you forget your password. Keep in mind that your answers are case-sensitive.

Step 2: Shop!
- Click on the "Shop" link at the top of the screen and make your vendor, quantity, and specific amount selections. Be sure to specify whether you are ordering physical cards, ScripNow, or Reloads.

Step 3: Make a Payment
Completed online order payments can follow the traditional cash or check route, or utilize the automatic PrestoPay option. Once your selections are complete complete, indicate your method of payment before finalizing your transaction.

- Cash and check must be submitted by Wednesday of each week directly to Mrs. Lucey for the order to be completed and submitted with the most current school order. 

- Enabling PrestoPay will allow the Scrip program to automatically charge the credit card or bank account of your choice for the amount due per order. Once a PrestoPay transaction is posted through your bank, any ScripNow and ReloadNow purchases will automatically appear in your "Wallet" or on the physical card. 
-To enroll in PrestoPay you’ll need your bank account number and routing number, along with the account holder information. Once you submit those, in 1-2 days Scrip will make two small deposits in the account for verification. Log back in and enter those two small amounts to receive an approval code to send to your coordinator. PrestoPay will be activated for your account once your coordinator approves you. 

Family Accounts
Regardless of how orders are placed, each student and all those recruited to participate on the student's behalf contribute to a combined family account. If one family has multiple students enrolled in the music program, all money raised is deposited into a single family account and withdrawn to cover various expenditures throughout their tenure as a band member. Accounts are then rolled over until the last member of the family has graduated. Once the last student from the family has graduated, funds can either be absorbed into the general band account, or transferred to another student or family in the band program. 100% of all funds from any individual without a specific student or family to associate their account with will go directly into the general band account.

Where does the money go?
Money raised through the Scrip program will be used to fund student travel to events such as Honor Band, Band Fest, Sitka Jazz Festival, etc. These funds will also go towards future instrument purchases, instrument repairs, and general music supplies (reeds, drumsticks, valve oil, etc.). Continually adding money to our band fund will ensure that our band room and musicians are always fully stocked with the much-needed supplies to successfully continue growing and developing our skills. Keep checking back with us as regular announcements regarding our fundraising progress and use of funds will be provided!

Coordinator Information
The band director, Mrs. Lucey, is the program coordinator. All questions and concerns can be directed to her via email at You can expect a reply within 24 hours; this email address is checked multiple times throughout the day.

Thank you for supporting the Klawock School Band Program! 

Jill-Nicole Lucey,
Nov 9, 2015, 11:28 AM
Jill-Nicole Lucey,
Nov 9, 2015, 11:21 AM