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Special Audition Ensembles

There are multiple audition-only ensembles in our region and state available to students.

Region 5 Honor Band, Orchestra, and Choir
In collaboration with Craig, Haines, Juneau, Ketchikan, Metlekatla, Petersburg, Sitka, and Wrangell, Region 5 honor groups aim to provide a unique travel band experiences centered around building the region's musical community. Each year guest conductors are invited from all over the country to work with our talented musicians throughout the festival, culminating in world-class public concert. Region 5 honor ensembles utilizes the same audition material each year to encourage consistency in player preparation. All materials (listed below) are submitted for audition adjudication on clearly marked CD's before the directors' meeting in September. Honor fest was held on October 22-24 in Klawock this year.

Audition materials can be found here:  Honor Band Auditions   Honor Choir Auditions   Honor Orchestra
Alaska State Band, Orchestra, and Choir
Details coming soon!

All-Northwest Band, Orchestra, and Choir
Details coming soon!