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Post Secondary Trip

posted Feb 13, 2017, 11:22 AM by Eva Rowan
Post-Secondary trip:

A state-wide tour of colleges and post-secondary schools in the state of Alaska


The trip is tentatively planned for early May

WHO: (we have funding for 4 students only)

  • Junior or senior

  • must have attended at least 1 Phlight club event (next event April 20-22)

  • Intend on attending an Alaska state school

  • On track to graduate on time

If you are a Senior this year, you also must have done some/all of the following:

  • Has demonstrated preparedness

    • filed FAFSA

    • applied for schools

    • taken  the SAT/ACT or other college prep test

    • enrolled in Careers or other college prep courses

    • attended college fair

Submit a 500 word essay responding to the following prompt:

What are your plans for after high school, and how would this trip benefit you in those plans?

print your essay and turn it into Mrs. Carl or Mrs. Larson.