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Klawock City School District 

School Board Meeting 

Conference Room 

October 18, 2011 

5 PM 


Karen Cleary called the meeting to order at 5 PM. 

Roll Call 

Karen Cleary Yes 

Roseann Demmert Yes – via audio conference 

Mary Edenshaw Yes 

Cindy Mills Yes 

Ruby Smith Yes 

Jackie Tew No – excused 

Cindy Mills read the Mission Statement. 

Also present: Sonnie Anderson, Val Steward, Rich Carlson, and Kay Schrammeck 


Roseann Demmert took the Oath of Office administered by Val Steward. 


Karen Cleary turned the meeting over to Superintendent Rich Carlson for purposes of re-organization. 

President - Ruby Smith nominated Cindy Mills; Mary Edenshaw nominated Karen Cleary. Cindy Mills was elected president by secret ballot. Superintendent Rich Carlson turned the meeting over to President Cindy Mills. Karen Cleary congratulated Cindy Mills. Ruby Smith thanked Karen Cleary for her many years of service as president of the board and indicated she thought it was healthy to rotate the chairmanship. Cindy Mills and Roseann Demmert both agreed with Ruby Smith on the health of rotating the position. 

Vice President - Karen Cleary nominated Mary Edenshaw. Ruby Smith seconded the nomination. Mary Edenshaw was elected Vice President by unanimous consent. 

Clerk –Roseann Demmert nominated Ruby Smith as Clerk. Ruby Smith was elected Clerk by unanimous consent. Rich Carlson congratulated the new officers. 


Ruby Smith made a motion, seconded by Roseann Demmert, to approve the agenda as presented. 

Motion Carried. 

V. PUBLIC COMMENT (Related to Agenda Items) 



A. Staff – Kay Schrammeck: Staff Development Committee Report 

Kay Schrammeck explained the highlights of the FY 12 Staff Development Plan and how the plan is updated each year. The Staff Development Committee was comprised of Rob Steward, Val Steward, Jim Holien, Jean Jackson, Matt Richardson, Rich Carlson and Kay Schrammeck. One key change is the development of Professional Learning Communities, which are meeting 45 minutes every other week. A schedule has been worked out to create the least amount of impact on the students. These PLC’s have already been begun meeting. RTI (Response to Instruction) has been restructured to clearly articulate a plan and develop the associated forms. The Alaska Performance Scholarship is now tied with Course Walks and Staff Accounting. Cross Training with Staff Accounting and the SYSTEMS / STRIVE teacher is being planned. In-service training in Technology and SPED will continue. MAPS in-servicing of teachers will also continue. Providing Progress Reports electronically went very well this fall. Systematically training new staff in our district on school procedures will continue and is vital to creating a smooth transition as staff retires over the next several years. 

B. Board 


C. Student Representative - Jackie Tew 

The Board reviewed the report as submitted in the Board Packet. There were no questions. Congratulations to Sophie Clark who was elected as AASG Vice President at the AASG Fall Convention. 

D. Principal – Jim Holien 

The Board reviewed Mr. Holien’s report. Mr. Holien was attending the Principal’s Conference in Anchorage. 

E. Athletic Director – Kelli Larson / Jim Holien 

The Board reviewed the written report as both AD’s were travelling. 

F. Business Manager – Yodean Armour 

The Board reviewed the Business Manager’s Report. Yodean Armour is on Maternity Leave, though it appears she will be back working on a part-time basis in the office beginning in about a week. Mary Edenshaw asked what the procedure is to expend left-over funds left raised by classes who have graduated. Mr. Carlson explained how those are expended. The Board would like to see the non-expended funds rolled into the Emergency Activities Travel Fund once vendors are paid after a year’s time if undirected by the class who raised the funds. 

G. Superintendent - Rich Carlson 

Superintendent Rich Carlson highlighted his report. Mr. Carlson explained his report, briefly discussing the action items. He explained the need for the 

changes to the Use of Force policy to align it with federal policies. The concussion policy may need changes later as ASAA provides more guidance. He also called attention to the AASB nomination of Roseann Demmert to the AASB Board of Directors. Last week our facilities management team, Mike Bush of B-3 Contractors, and SERRC representatives met with the architects regarding the gym floor project. The consensus is that the district will move forward with the Helical Piers. The design phase should be completed by Christmas, followed by the development phase once the district re-evaluates costs. The Helical Piers approach should require less time and hopefully will allow conclusion of the project by early fall, 2012. Mr. Carlson referenced a letter that will be sent tomorrow to the City of Klawock explaining the gym participating share of the City that will come due in June, 2012, and the impact of the loss Forestry Receipts upon the district’s budget. The District stands to experience a shortfall of about $423,000 for FY 13. Mr. Carlson indicated that networking at the AASB Annual Conference will be crucial for garnering support amongst AASB members in taking the lead in lobbying the legislature to backfill because of the loss of Forestry Receipts. The issue is devastating to Southeast Districts. In addition, there seems to be a move to resurrect the consolidation of Island School Districts. The Commissioner will be in Klawock October 26 to learn about the Island and the District. Mr. Carlson would suggest that the Board set up a time prior to the Island-wide School Board Meeting at 6 PM to meet with the Commissioner to share our local concerns about finances and consolidation. The Board asked Mr. Carlson to set up a time at 5:15 PM in the Conference Room for the visit with the Commissioner. The November 2 Audit presentation will be held at 3 PM in Anchorage with the audio-conference from the Conference Room. This will serve as the November Board meeting. Mr. Carlson will make sure that the audit report is provided to the Board prior to the meeting. In response to a question by Karen Cleary, Mr. Carlson indicated there are currently three wrestlers and 15 volleyball girls. 


A. Approval of Minutes of September 15, 2011 

B. Approval of Vouchers 

C. Correspondence 

1. Acknowledgement of Confidential Correspondence 

Received: None 

2. Letter to Commissioner Mike Hanley Re: Terra Nova Testing 

3. Invitation to Meet: Rural School Board Members at AASB 

D. Proposed Changes to the AASB Constitution & By-laws 

E. Approval to Nominate Roseann Demmert for the AASB Board of Directors 

Mary Edenshaw made a motion, seconded by Karen Cleary, to approve the Consent Agenda as presented. Note: The Board approved the nomination of Roseann Demmert for the AASB Board of Directors. Unofficial Minutes will be forwarded to AASB on October 19, 2011. 

Motion Carried. The Board wished Roseann the best on her nomination to the AASB Board of Directors 


A. Approval to Hire Corby Weyhmiller for the SYSTEMS / STRIVE Position for the Remainder of the 2011-12 School Year. 

Mary Edenshaw made a motion, seconded by Ruby Smith, to approve the hire of Corby Weyhmiller for the SYSTEMS / STRIVE Position for the remainder of the 2011-12 School Year. 

Motion Carried. 

B. Approval of BP: 5142.3 (Revision): Use of Force / Seclusion 

Ruby Smith made a motion, seconded by Karen Cleary, to approve BP: 5142.3 (Revision): Use of Force. / Seclusion 

Motion Carried. 

C. Approval of AR 5141.25 (a-c): Concussion Procedures 

Karen Cleary made a motion, seconded by Mary Edenshaw, to approve AR 5141.25 (a-c): Concussion Procedures. 

Motion Carried. 

D. Approval of the 2011-12 Staff Development Plan 

Roseann Demmert made a motion, seconded by Mary Edenshaw, to approve the 2011-12 Staff Development Plan as presented. 

Motion Carried. 

E. Approval to Hire James Roberts and Steven Roberts as Co-Coaches for the High School Wrestling Position for the 2011-12 School Year. 

Ruby Smith made a motion, seconded by Karen Cleary, to approve the hire of James Roberts and Steven Roberts as Co-Coaches for the High School Wrestling position for the 2011-12 School Year. 

Motion Carried. 


A. Next Meeting Date – November 2, 2011 at 3:00 PM – Audit Presentation in Anchorage with audio-conference in the Klawock Conference Room at 3 PM. Cindy Mills asked for a report on the CTE Advisory Committee. Karen Cleary, who serves as the Chairman of the CTE Advisory Committee, indicated the RFP for a paid director to move the project forward is due October 31st. Karen Cleary said there was been broad participation from around the Island in the meetings which are held about every two weeks. 


Ruby Smith made a motion, seconded by Mary Edenshaw, to adjourn. 

Motion Carried. 

Meeting adjourned at 5:45 PM.