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Klawock City School District

School Board Meeting

November 2,20ll

Oflices of Altmon Rogers - Anchorage /

Klawock School Conference Room




Vice Presidenl Mary Edenshaw called the meeting to order at 3:10 PM.

Roll Call

Cindy Mills

Karen Cleary

Mary Edensharv

Ruby Smith

Ros€ann Denmen

Yes - Anchorage- enroute - arived at 3: 14 PM

Yes - Klawock

Yes - Klawock

Yes - Anchorage

Yes - Alchorage

Also present: Anchorage: Superintendent Rich Carlson and Yodean Armour. Klawock:

Principal Jim Holien and Val Stelvard


Karcn Cleary rnade a motion, seconded by Roseann Demmert, to approve the agenda as


Motion Carried.

PUBLIC COMMENT (Related to Asenda ltems)



A. Superintendcnt: Rich C:rlson - no rcport

B. Tim Altman (Altnan Rogers): 201 I Audit

Auditor Tim Altrnan highlighted the rcporl to the Board indicating that the

financial information presented by the Distdct is in order atd internal controls

are in placc and arc in compliance. There were no insuffciencies, nor material

weaknesses in intemal controls for financial reporting. There rvere no instances

of non-compliance and non-reponing. Compliance with federal reporting - there

was compliance in all areas that would have a material effect on th€ finances of

the district. A new complialce supplement requirement is that a separate

sampling is required on the inlemal controls over compliance for fcderal and

slate progmms. There will be new sampling on each grant trat is required based

on size oflhe gratts. This will translate into more work (about 8 - l0 additional

hours) for Business Manager Yodean Annour and about 8 hours addiional work

for tie auditors. This year there are no findings. In laymen's terms everJ4hing

is clean.

Mr. Altrnan went over the fund balances with regard to GASB-54 and

committed funds. The Distdct did an excellentjob ofcomplying with the

requirements to commit the funds under GASB-54. This will be exfemely


beneficial lo the District in the fulue because of the anticipated loss of Forestry

Receipts. To the extent the local govemment was r€liant upon the Forestry

Receipts to meel the local contribution, the City will have to look to other

funding sources to meet local conlibution. The local contribution will not be

near the cap, but near lhe minimum. The etrect will be compounded because the

District's Impact Aid payment rvill be reduced dollar for dollar to bring the

district up to the cap undcr tle foundalion formula - potentiallY the districl will

be getting about $.150.000 less in revenues beginning in FY l3 lor Ure long term.

If enrollmenl drops or wc lose Inlensive kids then we will also lose foundation

monies as well. Thc impacl on the distnct will be substantial on fund balance.

We will not be ablc lo rai ain the curenl cost of doing business ald maintain

the cunenl lirnd balance. These will be budgeting concems for FY 13 and

forward. If you cut the overall budgel for salaries for PERS employees lhe

districl may still have a PERS liability on benefits. There are some carry over

monies that are intentionally carried by lhe Distdct Out will help as the budget


In the Letter to the Goveming Board the auditors commented on the new

compliance supplementl this will reinforce what was discussed at the audit

presentation. It also deals with estirniates on accounts receivable and the

valuation of fixcd assets.

The bottom line is that management is working well wilh the audilors. lt is

likely that within the next thrce years auditors may not be able lo help preparc

the financial statemenls under the new Yellow Book Standards. Tim Altman

would likc to add some infonnation to the dmft of the Management Discussion

and Analysis section. This would allow more explanation to show why there are



Approval of Minutes of Oclober 18. 201 I


L AcknowlcdgemcntofConfidentie Conespondence

Receivcd - None

Karen Cleary made a motion, seconded by Roseann Demmert, to approve the Consent

Agenda as presented.

Motion Carried.


A. Approval ofthe FY I I Audil

Roseann Demmerl Made a motion, seconded by Ruby Smift, to approve the

Action Ilems as presented.

Molion Carried


A. NexI Regular Meeting Dale: December l.t,20ll 5 PM



Rubl- Smith made a motion, seconded by.' Karen Clcary:. to adjourn the meeling.

Motion Carried.

Meeting adjourned al 4:05 PM.