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Klawock City School District 

School Board Meeting 

Conference Room 

December 14, 2011 

5 PM 


Cindy Mills called the meeting to order at 5 PM. 

Roll Call 

Cindy Mills Yes 

Karen Cleary Yes 

Roseann Demmert No – excused traveling 

Ruby Smith Yes – 5:06 PM 

Mary Edenshaw Yes 

Tonya Busse Yes 

Karen Cleary read the Mission Statement. 

Also Present: Rich Carlson, Val Steward, Kelli Larson, Yodean Armour, Jim Holien, Matt Richardson, Jodi Mar, Mike Cleary, Braden Edenshaw, and Sonnie Anderson 


Karen Cleary made a motion, seconded by Mary Edenshaw, to approve the agenda as presented. 

Motion Carried. 

III. PUBLIC COMMENT (Related to Agenda Items) 

Kelli Larson thanked the Board for the support of the Volleyball team’s fundraising efforts and thanked the Board members for their support at the games and in organizing the Parade. Sonnie Anderson corrected the Student Council Report to say 167 instead of 67 suicides in the last year. 


A. Staff – Technology Update: Jodi Mar 

Technology Coordinator Jodi Mar updated the Board on the status of Technology and the Technology Committee’s efforts thus far this year. The District will be going out to bid for our e-mail provider. We have moved some of our other functions to google docs to streamline our activities. Progress Reports were done electronically through Google Docs. We are ready to move our report cards to google docs once we analyze how the Progress Reports went. At this point the use of the electronic progress reports is internal, but it is possible progress reports will be made available electronically to parents at a later date. Updates to the website are going very smoothly. Ipad use has increased tremendously. Our bandwidth has held up very well. The State is requiring 8th grade and teacher technology assessments (21st Century skills) so Jodi Mar is investigating various 

assessment tools and will be making a recommendation. We will be looking at infrastructure to accommodate the technology such as plug-ins, seating, etc. Tonya Busse is submitting a video to the Ididit contest for ASTE. The Board thanked both Matt and Jodi for their diligence in keeping the technology up to date and running for the school. 

B. Board - Karen Cleary congratulated the Band on their performance (student conducted in the Middle and High Schools) and the students for their performance in the Christmas play. Cindy Mills also asked that the elder and disabled parking be designated for easier gym access. Mr. Carlson said this is being addressed by maintenance staff. 

C. Student Representative: Tonya Busse 

Tonya Busse is the new Student Council Board Representative. She highlighted the report from the Board packet. In November the Student Council hosted an Island-wide Suicide Prevention Summit. Tonya thanked the Board for their support for the Suicide Prevention Summit. The Student Council also hosted the annual Elder Luncheon December 6. The National Honor Society and Student Council have combined meetings and fundraisers as most students are members of both organizations. The Board thanked Student Council Advisor Sonnie Anderson for all of her extra effort to make the Summit such a success. 

D. Principal – Jim Holien 

Principal Jim Holien briefly discussed his report. Our enrollment has dropped recently and we are investigating the cause. Mr. Holien is doing exit interviews as well as polling some of the classes as to what factors are contributing to the shift in enrollment. It appears to be social and a bit of a fad. However, administration is attempting to monitor and address the movement. SEARHC has received a large grant on suicide prevention and will be seeking Klawock School as a partner after the first of the year. PBIS is providing data analysis pertaining to behavior and school climate. The concert and play went very well with a lot of hard work by the students and staff. Mr. Holien also discussed the calendars for December and January. 

E. Athletic Director: Kelli Larson / Jim Holien 

Athletic Director Kelli Larson indicated that the Boys and Girls Basketball teams will travel to Petersburg (Boys 8 students) and (Girls 17 students) December 15 and 16. Mr. Don Busse will act as the chaperone. Mr. Carlson suggested that consistency in who will act as chaperone should be a priority. Mary Edenshaw asked that Administration consider very carefully how to staff the classrooms when certified staff go as coaches and chaperones. Mr. Carlson has indicated that planning ahead with who will sub into the classroom will be crucial to providing the best education for those students left behind. 

Mr. Holien discussed the co-op request from Hydaburg that the Board will consider under the Action Item section of the agenda. We have successfully co-opted in the past. The biggest difference now is that we have a large team already that could impact playing times for our students and the Hydaburg student. According to Mr. Carlson, there is an additional issue in that Hydaburg has not yet paid us for previous activities (about $1000). The Administration recommended that we do not co-op. Our players will have 

to compete for playing time as it is and we have not yet been paid for previous activities related invoices. 

F. Business Manager: Yodean Armour 

Yodean Armour briefly updated the Board on the operations in the Business Office. Per Board request unexpended funds raised by the Classes of 2009 and 2010 have been moved to the Activities Emergency fund as those classes had no other plans for the monies. 

G. Superintendent: Rich Carlson 

Superintendent Rich Carlson highlighted his report. He added that the gym floor schematic design has been completed and submitted to the District. It appears that there should be no barrier to going forward financially with the project as designed. On December 15 there will be a meeting with the architects to discuss the schematics. He discussed the new CIPA Board Policy required to meet the requirements of E-rate. The school was featured in a Special Education publication as printed in the Board packet. The final enrollment of 135.8 with 8 intensive students will help to offset the losses we anticipate for FY 13. Mr. Carlson indicated he may need to build the budget on numbers as low as 118 for next year with the idea that we may be down as much as $700,000 due to losses in Forestry Receipts, Impact Aid, and declining enrollments. The School Climate Survey shows a very positive school climate. Mr. Carlson will be going to Juneau next week to spend Christmas with his family. 


A. Approval of Minutes October 26, 2011 Island-Wide Board Meeting 

B. Approval of Minutes of November 2, 2011 Board Meeting 

C. Approval of Vouchers 

D. Correspondence 

1. Acknowledgement of Confidential Correspondence Received: None 

2. Thank You Letter to Commissioner Mike Hanley 

3. Letter from Department of Health and Social Services Eliminating the Medicaid School Based Administrative Program 

4. Approval from EED to Replace the TERRA Nova Test with the MAP’s Test 

5. Letter of Support for the Alaska Comprehensive Center Sent to Senator Murkowski (also Senator Begich and Congressman Don Young) 

6. Letter of Receipt from Department of Health and Social Services Regarding Immunizations 

7. Copy of Alaska Connect (Statewide Special Education Publication) Featuring Klawock 

Mary Edenshaw made a motion, seconded by Karen Cleary, to approve the Consent Agenda as presented. 

Motion Carried. 


A. Approval to Hire Tricia Clough as the STRIVE Aide 

Karen Cleary made a motion, seconded by Mary Edenshaw, to approve the hire of Tricia Clough as the STRIVE Aide. 

Motion Carried. 

B. Approval of BP 6161.4(f): Children Internet Protection Act: Instruction 

Ruby Smith made a motion, seconded by Karen Cleary, to approve BP 6161.4 (f): Children Internet Protection Act: Instruction as presented. 

Motion Carried. 

C. Approval to Co-op with Hydaburg for Girls High School Basketball 

Mary Edenshaw made a motion, seconded by Karen Cleary, to deny the co-op request with Hydaburg for Girls High School Basketball. 

Motion Carried. 


A. Next Meeting Date – January 26, 2012 


Mary Edenshaw made a motion, seconded by Karen Cleary, to adjourn. 

Motion Carried. 

The meeting adjourned at 5:44 PM.