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Klawock City School District 

School Board Meeting 

January 26, 2012 

Conference Room 

5 PM 


Cindy Mills called the meeting to order at 5 PM. 

Roll Call 

Cindy Mills Yes 

Mary Edenshaw Yes 

Karen Cleary Yes 

Roseann Demmert Yes 

Ruby Smith Yes 

Tonya Busse Yes 

Also present: Rich Carlson, Val Steward, Yodean Armour, Jim Holien, Kelli Larson, and Sonnie Anderson 

Read the Mission Statement. 


Superintendent Rich Carlson recommended moving ahead to Action Item B due to the lights flickering. 

Karen Cleary made a motion, seconded by Ruby Smith, to approve the agenda as amended to vote on Action Item B first. 

Motion Carried. 

III. PUBLIC COMMENT (Related to Agenda Items) 



A. Board – None 

B. Student Representative – Tonya Busse 

Tonya Busse referred to her written report in the Board packet. The Council has been involved in several service projects including a holiday food drive and care packages to U.S. military personnel. Sophie Clark attended the AASG Winter Business meeting as part of the AASG Executive Board and the Suicide Prevention Summit. The Council has been fundraising to raise money to attend the Kodiak Spring Conference in April. 

C. Principal – Jim Holien 

Principal Jim Holien highlighted his report. Enrollment stands at 122. Those who exited were due primarily to attendance and credit issues as well as family moving elsewhere. The administration is still working on investigating the transfers and addressing issues as much as is possible. A certified teacher has been arranged for subbing in for the Basketball tutor who will travel with the teams. The Professional Learning Community meetings (Elementary and Middle School) continue with collaboration time producing good results. Students and staff are participating in the School Climate and Connectedness Survey, which should provide valuable information. RTI / Leadership team has been developed and should begin functioning very soon. Mr. Holien also briefly discussed the calendar. 

D. Athletic Director – Kelli Larson 

Kelli Larson updated the Board on the current school activities including High School Basketball and Middle School Wrestling. Due to transfers out of the class second semester, Klawock will not be competing in ACDC this spring. She also discussed the changes in ASAA rules concerning coaching certifications and changes in Volleyball 2A and 3A teams, and basketball bracketing. Jim Holien added that there have been elder parking signs located and the maintenance department has gotten them in place. 

E. Business Manager – Yodean Armour 

Business Manager Yodean Armour explained to the board that the presentation of the original budget, budget to actual, and revision is sided by side for easy comparison purposes. 

F. Superintendent – Rich Carlson 

Superintendent Rich Carlson highlighted his written report. Mr. Carlson emphasized that in the next several months the district will be facing budget and personnel decisions in light of declining revenues. He emphasized that the district has little control over revenues, but can control expenditures. In the Consent Agenda are two documents related to the impact of the loss of Forestry Receipts and the City’s local contribution and gym participating share portion. Mr. Carlson would propose that the Board forego the regular School Board meeting in February and instead hold an extensive Budget workshop on February 27th. The district recently underwent an EED Food Service Audit. Mr. Carlson congratulated Roberta Armour and Val Steward on the excellent audit results. Next month there will be a Maintenance Audit by the State. Rich indicated he will be traveling to Anchorage to the CTE Directors Conference. Mr. Carlson also addressed the sewer drainage issue in the gym lobby bathrooms created by the settling of the gym floor. The gym lobby bathrooms have been shut down until the gym floor can be reconstructed this summer. The restrooms in the school can be used in the meantime. The cost of the temporary repairs would be significant. So the temporary use of the school bathrooms is a better solution. EED has agreed that the gym repair project can include repairs of the lobby and roof, although there will not be additional funding provided. AP&T engineers met with staff yesterday to propose installing an antenna on our roof that would expand the connectivity to the Internet of the community. 

Mr. Carlson highlighted the budget revision under the Action portion of the agenda. There is a significant increase in the foundation funding due to higher enrollment than 

anticipated and 8 intensive students. The last item is the draw on reserves. At this point Rich does not anticipate a draw on reserves. This is a very significant development. 


A. Approval of Minutes of December 14, 2011 

B. Approval of Vouchers 

C. Correspondence 

1. Acknowledgement of Confidential Correspondence 

Received: None 

2. Letter from EED Regarding the Impact of the Loss of Forestry Receipts 

3. Letter from Department of Health and Social Services Regarding Immunizations 

4. Letter to Mayor and City Council Regarding Financial Matters 

Roseann Demmert made a motion, seconded by Ruby Smith, to approve the Consent Agenda as presented. 

Motion Carried. 


A. Approval of the FY 12 Budget Revision #1 

Roseann Demmert made a motion, seconded by Mary Edenshaw, to approve the FY 12 Budget Revision #1 as presented. 

Motion Carried. 

B. Approval of BP 6174.2 (a-f) Indian Policies and Procedures 

Karen Cleary made a motion, seconded by Ruby Smith, to approve BP 6174.2 (a-f) Indian Policies and Procedures. 

Motion Carried. 


A. Next Meeting Date: Work Session, Monday, February 27, 2012 at 5 PM. 


Karen Cleary made a motion, seconded by Mary Edenshaw, to adjourn. 

Motion Carried. 

Meeting adjourned at 5:28 PM.