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Klawock City School District 

School Board Meeting 

Conference Room 

September 15, 2011 

5 PM 


Karen Cleary called the meeting to order at 5 PM. 

Roll Call 

Karen Cleary Yes 

Roseann Demmert Yes – via teleconference at 5:11 PM 

Mary Edenshaw Yes 

Cindy Mills Yes via teleconference 

Ruby Smith Yes 

Jackie Tew Yes- 5:06 PM – delayed due to car trouble 

Also Present: Supt. Rich Carlson, Val Steward, Sonnie Anderson, Jim Holien, and Kelli Larson 

Karen Cleary read the Mission Statement. 


Ruby Smith made a motion, seconded by Mary Edenshaw, to approve the agenda as presented. 

Motion Carried. 

III. PUBLIC COMMENT (Related to Agenda Items) 



A. Staff : Jim Holien: PBIS 

Jim Holien presented a synopsis of the PBIS training held on the September 2 In-Service. This was a Tier II in-service conducted by SESA. Tier I focused on school climate while Tier II is more classroom management. We are one of six sites in the state participating. We have begun an intervention team as part of Tier II. Mr. Holien indicated there 

will be MAPS testing coming up quickly and Parent / Teacher Conferences will be held next week. School Specialty will provide a portion of next year’s Handbook free due to an error on their part in this year’s Handbook. 

B. Board 


C. Student Representative – Jackie Tew 

Jackie Tew was delayed arriving for the meeting due to car problems. The written report was in the packet. 

D. Principal – Jim Holien 

Principal Jim Holien highlighted his report indicating the current enrollment stands at 132. Fluctuations continue to occur. The Klawock Police Department, EMS, and Klawock Fire Department will work with the school to do a lockdown training. Based on recommendations by the police department, we have purchased video surveillance cameras to tighten security, which was in part paid for by a grant from APEI. 

E. Athletic Director – Kelli Larson / Jim Holien 

Athletic Director Kelli Larson discussed the sports that are underway – Cross Country. The High School Wrestling position has been posted with only a few inquiries. There are currently no applicants. There are about five students who are interested in wrestling. There is a need to appoint a Community member for the Activities Appeals Board. Mr. Holien will post a request for those interested to contact the school with a deadline of one week. 

F. Business Manager – Yodean Armour 

Business Manager Yodean Armour is on maternity leave. She provided a written report to the Board. Todd Tew is assisting in the Business Office as needed and Yodean is working from home on a part-time basis. 

G. Superintendent - Rich Carlson 

Superintendent Rich Carlson highlighted his report, briefly discussing the annual adoption of the Board Policies under the Action Items. Additionally Mr. Carlson referred to the responses 

by Rep. Bill Thomas and Commissioner of Education Mike Hanley regarding the successes of the district. He also pointed out the significant consequences relating to the loss of revenue associated with the expiration of the Forestry Receipts that appears imminent. There is little likelihood that the bill will be reauthorized. Both Mr. Carlson and EED calculate the loss to the district will be about $423,000 predicated on the City meeting local contribution at the minimum of $171,000. If they do not meet the minimum local contribution then there will be additional financial consequences triggered which will significantly escalate the loss. Mr. Carlson urged the Board to begin the serious conversation of how to handle this loss of revenue. The loss of Forestry Receipts will affect 22 school districts in the state. There are discussions beginning to request the legislature backfill the losses. Bruce Johnson of AASA is working with Rich and two other superintendents to request the legislature assist with backfilling. With the expiration of the Secure Rural Schools Act, Forestry Receipts will revert back to 2001 levels, meaning the State of Alaska will lose about 95% of the current level funding. 

A second significant issue revolves around the results of the field study from the gym floor project. The structural damage is significantly more than anticipated. The difference diagonally across the gym floor from the boy’s locker room area to the weight room is 9.5 inches. There are also cracks in the foundation. The entire building is leaning downhill toward the modulars. The original idea of digging out around the foundation and backfilling with cement / concrete is not workable as it is too deep to dig down (12 feet) making the building unstable. Several options that could keep the project within budget may be to bolster the building with Helical piers that are screwed into the ground to stabilize and level the building, then rebuild the floor, and level it. In addition there would need to be retaining walls built to stabilize the building. The stage will need to be re-built as well. If the pier system were to be chosen, then the timeframe could still be met for next summer / fall. 

After further analysis there will be another audio-conference with the engineers / architects to learn the results of the additional field tests and discuss options. If a clear option is not readily available, Mr. Carlson would suggest having the Board hold a special meeting later this fall for a teleconference or an on-site meeting with the engineers and architects to clearly delineate the options on how to proceed. This would allow the community to clearly understand the options and decision-making process. 


A. Approval of Minutes of August 18, 2011 

B. Approval of Vouchers 

C. Correspondence 

1. Acknowledgement of Confidential Correspondence 

Received - None 

2. Letter from Sen. Lisa Murkowski re: The Secure Rural Schools Act (Forestry Receipts) 

3. Approval of $1000 Grant to Purchase Safety Equipment 

4. Thank you card from Jodi Roland Mar 

5. Letter from School Specialty Company re: The Handbook 

Mary Edenshaw made a motion, seconded by Ruby Smith, to approve the Consent Agenda as presented. 

Motion Carried. 


A. Approval of BP and AR 6171 (a-f): Title I Programs 

B. Approval of BP 6175.5: Title I Parent Involvement 

C. Approval of BP 0410 (a & b): Non-Discrimination 

D. Approval of BP 6174 (a-f): Bilingual-Bicultural Education 

E. Approval of BP 6174.1 (a-f): Education of Native Children 

Ruby Smith made a motion, seconded by Mary Edenshaw, to approve BP and AR 6171 (a-f): Title I Programs; BP 6175.5: Title I Parent Involvement; BP 0410 (a & b): Non-Discrimination as presented; BP 6174 (a-f): Bilingual-Bicultural Education; 

BP 6174.1 (a-f): Education of Native Children. 

Motion Carried. 


Next Meeting Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 5 PM 

The Board indicated it was supportive of Roseann Demmert running for the AASA Board. Roseann will provide the paperwork to Karen Cleary for her signature. 


Ruby Smith made a motion, seconded by Mary Edenshaw, to adjourn. 

Motion Carried. 

Meeting adjourned at 5:39 PM.