September 19, 2013

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Klawock City School District

School Board Meeting

Conference Room

September 19, 2013

5:30 PM




Karen Cleary called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM.


Roll Call

Karen Cleary                        Yes

Roseann Demmert            Yes

Mary Edenshaw                        Yes

Lisa George                        Yes

Ruby Smith                        Yes

Keilani Stockton                        Yes


Also present:  Rich Carlson, Val Steward, Kelli Larson, and Mike Cleary


Mary Edenshaw read the Missions Statement.




Roseann Demmert made a motion, seconded by Mary Edenshaw, to approve the agenda as presented.


Motion Carried.


            III.            PUBLIC COMMENT (Related to Agenda Items)




            IV.            REPORTS

A.              Board – None


B.            Student Representative – Keilani Stockton


Student Representative Keilani Stockton indicated that the Student Council has had one meeting.  At that meeting the Council decided not to attend AASG Annual Conference this year.   There are two Student Council Board Representatives this year - Jill Carl and Keilani Stockton.  Ashley Tomkinson is the Treasurer.


C.            Principal – Jim Holien


Principal Jim Holien was traveling back from meetings in Anchorage and could not attend the meeting.  Superintendent Rich Carlson discussed Mr. Holien’s written report.  The enrollment is 136 to date.  The budget is based on 125.  Student tutoring for the HSGQE is underway.  SchoolMaster has been a bit overwhelming but we are making better progress than expected.  With the Board’s approval the administration would like to contact parents regarding extending the kindergarten day.  Research is strong in support of early childhood educational benefits.  Parent / Teacher Conferences are next week.  Mr. Holien and Mr. Carlson will be attending the AASA Conference next week.  Mr. Carlson also went over the activities calendar with the Board. 


D.            Athletic Director – Kelli Larson / Brandy Richardson


Athletic Director Kelli Larson discussed the written report.  The Home School participation issue was clarified.  The Back to School night went well with the assistance of parents and staff.  Our wrestlers will be coordinating with Craig for practices.  Ketchikan will be hosting a referee clinic so we are hopeful we will have additional refs certified.


                        E.            Business Manager – Yodean Armour


Business Manager Yodean Armour briefly explained her report.  The next Budget Revision will bring those items that are over budget back into line with budgeted amounts. 


                        F.            Superintendent – Superintendent Rich Carlson


Superintendent Rich Carlson discussed his report.  Mr. Carlson discussed the Action Items, explaining the reasoning behind the transfer and the approval of budgets and timelines of various capital projects.  He also explained the pros and cons of the board policy regarding allowing K-8 students who are not fully enrolled in our school to participate in our activities.  Mr. Carlson briefly discussed the PERS/TRS audit findings.  Other districts are also dealing with similar issues.  These findings will impact other state departments if the findings stand. The Commissioner of Education is aware of the various issues with which districts are dealing.  One issue is the hire of retired teachers to fill long-term subs.  This is just one of the issues in contention.  All three of the major educational attorneys in the state are all involved as well as the Attorney General’s office.  This may very well take years to sort through to a legal conclusion.   Kelli Larson has very successfully filled in for Principal Jim Holien.  Samantha Youmans has been assigned a state-wide mentor who has already met with Ms. Youmans.  Mr. Carlson would like to suggest that it is very important to continue support of Jim Holien to attend the various state-wide meetings.



            V.            CONSENT AGENDA

A.            Approval of Minutes of August 22, 2013

                        B.            Approval of Vouchers

C.            Correspondence

                                    1.            Acknowledgement of Confidential Correspondence

Received:  None

                                    2.            Letter from Senate Finance Committee Re:  Health Insurance


Mary Made a motion, seconded by Roseann Demmert, to approve the Consent Agenda as presented.


Motion Carried.


            VI.            ACTION ITEMS

A.             Approval to Transfer $74,798 from Capital Projects:  Gym Floor Over-Run to Capital Projects:  Major maintenance


B.             Approval of the FY 14 Capital Projects:  Major Maintenance / Repair – Budget / Projects and Timelines


C.             Approval of the FY 14 Capital Projects Van / Vehicle Replacement – Budget and Timeline           


D.             Approval of the Capital Projects:  Teacher Housing – Budgets / Projects / Timelines


E.              Approval of the FY 14 Capital Projects Technology Replacement Budget Description of Expenditures / Timelines


F.              Approval of the FY 14 Additional Capital Projects – Budget and Timelines (A&B)


Roseann Demmert made a motion, seconded by Mary Edenshaw, to approve Action items A – F.


Roll Call


Karen Cleary                        Yes                       

Roseann Demmert            Yes

Mary Edenshaw                        Yes

Lisa George                        Yes

Ruby Smith                        Yes


Motion Carried.


G.             Approval of BP 6145 (c) :  K-8 Student Enrollment / Student Activities Participation


Roseann Demmert made a motion, seconded by Ruby Smith, to approve BP 6145 (c):  K-8 Student Enrollment / Student Activities Participation.


Discussion:  The Board directed Administration to revise the proposed policy to allow partially enrolled students to follow the exact same rules of eligibility and attendance. Mr. Carlson will present a draft revised to the Board prior to the next board meeting for input. 


After discussion Roseann Demmert and Ruby Smith withdrew the motion.


            VII.            BOARD COMMENT

A.             Next Meeting Date –  October 10, 2013

B.             Ruby Smith and Mary Edenshaw are candidates in the City Elections having declared their candidacy.

C.             AASB – Rich Carlson, Jim Holien, Ruby Smith, Karen Cleary.  Roseann Demmert will make her plans known later on Friday.


            VIII.            ADJOURNMENT


Mary Edenshaw made a motion, seconded by Lisa George, to adjourn the meeting.


Motion Carried.


The meeting adjourned at 6:12 PM.