Sept 30th, 2020


Changes to KCSD Activities Mitigation Plans

 This is a notice to inform our parents and community members of a change to our existing KCSD Activities Mitigation Plan that was adopted in August.  In order to align with ASAA’s new, updated mitigation recommendations and plans, this change is necessary.

Recently, ASAA changed their mitigation plans to better address their needs to conduct activities safely across our state.  These updated plans no longer use risk levels to determine if activities can occur in Alaskan communities.  According to the new ASAA guidelines, schools can attend events in a community regardless of risk level if they have a detailed and effective travel mitigation plan for that event.  This means schools could travel to any community for activities regardless of risk level, IF THEY HAVE AN APPROVED MITIGATION for that trip. 

The KCSD Activities Mitigation plan has been updated to reflect these new ASAA recommendations.  The only changes to this document are found in the “travel” sections.  The new plan now states that travel CAN OCCUR to any community if there is a detailed, complete, and approved travel mitigation plan for that specific trip. 

 These changes will be voted on by Klawock’s School Board at a special meeting Friday, Oct 2nd at 5 PM.

Please feel free to contact Jim Holien at the school if you have any question or comments.