Klawock School has recently installed some exciting new playground equipment.  There is a spinning circle students hang from, there is a rope climbing unit, and there is a merry go round type unit too.  They were installed over spring break and the students have been playing on the new units this week.  We quickly learned that we needed rules for the new equipment and during recess times, we have them now.  

Please note:  Klawock School has a supervisor on the playground until 3 PM (Mon-Thurs) and 2 PM on Fridays.  Students who remain on the playground after these times are not supervised by the district.  KCSD encourages parents to be with their children while on the playground after school hours.  We are proud of our playground equipment, but if misused, accidents do happen.  We need to make sure all students use the equipment properly and safely, and it's up to parents to make sure that's happening outside of school hours.