Welcome Back to School with colored pencils

AM Students: We can't wait to see you tomorrow!! Doors open at 7:45 using the main entrance for a quick temperature check and visual health assessment before sending you off to class. We are working together to keep our students, staff, and community safe. Students who want a school lunch can sign up in the morning, the lunch taken home at 10:45 will be charged to your account.

PM Students eating school lunch arrive tomorrow at 11:40 for a quick temperature and visual health scan on the breezeway before the elementary heads to the gym and the MS/HS to the lunchroom area for lunch. School lunches will be billed to your account.

Home lunchers, please arrive at 12:00 reporting to the office for a temperature check and visual health scan before heading to class. School is out at 2:45 for the PM group.

See you soon and CAN'T WAIT!! Mrs. Larson